Historically, before the refrigeration was widely available, the curing of pork and other meats was used to ensure it’s longer term availability. However, with almost every house having a refrigerator, the flavour and texture are so prized it remains a very popular product. There’s something rather special about the simple bacon rasher, fried or grilled until golden, and eaten between two slices of bread with your favourite sauce!

Curing is achieved by salting the meat, either in salt (dry) or brine (wet) for a number of days. Bacon is usually from the belly or back, with ham coming from the hind quarter. Cured pork is often cold smoked as well, adding another layer of flavour. And of course, curing isn’t particular to pork, there are plenty of other great meats available, such as beef silverside which is cured, boiled and eaten as hot salt beef.

Here at Colyford Butchers, we’ve got a great range of cured meats. Dry and wet, green and smoked, and we can cut to your exact requirements, thick or thin! Pop and see.