When in season (see dates below) we’ll often have a good supply of game. Please ask in shop for more details.

Red Grouse12th August – 10th December
Ptarmigan12th August – 10th December
Snipe12th August – 31st January
Black Game20th August – 10th December
Partridge1st September – 1st February
Wild Duck and Geese (Inland)1st September – 31st January
Wild Duck and Geese (Below high water mark)1st September – 20th February
Mallard, Teal and Widgeon1st September – 31st January
Capercaillie1st October – 31st January
Woodcock1st October – 31st January
Pheasant1st October – 1st February
Roe Buck1st April – 31st October
Roe Doe1st November – 28th February
Red StagAugust 1st – April 30th
Red HindNovember 1st – March 31st
Fallow BuckAugust 1st – April 30th
Fallow DoeNovember 1st – March 31st
HareAugust 1st – February 28th
RabbitAll year round