Poultry offers a lot of taste and variety for your money, as well as being a very healthy and nutritious meat. Low in fat, rich in protein, vitamin B6, iron and zinc, it can be prepared and cooked in so many ways, making it a very popular choice.

A catch all term for farm birds, poultry includes chicken, turkey, duck, goose and more. You’ll always find a good selection here in the shop, including 100% organic, free range birds reared here in Devon. If you are after something different, have a chat with us. We can source most things.

When it comes to cuts, whether we’re talking chicken, turkey, duck or goose, the same terms are used.


The classic roast, or a one pot dish, a whole bird is great way to make the most of poultry. You should remember that poultry needs thorough cooking. The classic way to tell if it’s done is to stick a spoon or skewer under the leg of the bird so that it pierces the skin to inspect the juices. They should run pale gold and clear, any traces of blood and you should continue to cook. As always, don’t forget to let the bird rest. You’ll find recommended cooking times below, based on an initial temperature of 200C, 180C fan, gas mark 6 for 20 minutes, reducing to the temperatures set out.

Chicken + 20 minutes180C, 170C fan, gas mark 4 201875-80C
Turkey 180C, 160C fan, gas mark 4171570C
Goose + 20 minutes180C, 170C fan, gas mark 4181575-80C
Duck + 10 minutes200C, 180C fan, gas mark 6201875-80C


For a long time wings were mostly used in stocks and sauces, but oh how things have changed. Sailing on the BBQ wave, wings are now a very popular snack food, especially at parties. Deep fried, or smoked on the BBQ, then served with a Louisiana sauce, they are totally addictive.


The tender white meat is perhaps the most popular part of the bird. Whole, with or without the bone and skin, it’s a great cut for pan frying, grilling and roasting, and of course it can be breaded and stuffed, as in the classic Kiev. Cut into chunks it will soak up the flavours of your favourite stews, curries, salads and sides.


Chicken drumsticks are most often used for BBQs and frying. They can be marinated for additional flavour; Try marinating in buttermilk, then coat with flour or breadcrumbs and fry. Delicious! Turkey drumsticks make for an affordable roast at any time of the year.

Leg and Thigh

Chicken legs are the cornerstone of many classics. Most simply, roasted and served cold, they are also the star ingredient in dishes such as chicken chasseur and coq au vin. And the humble thigh works really well in one pot dishes, as it’s robust enough to take a long cooking time, which will result in the meat falling off the bone and loads of flavour. Boned and marinated in buttermilk, it also makes for a fantastic burger.