Chicken, Black Bean and Kale Soup

Inspired by the classic Mexican soup, this dish is a double whammy. Not only is it a good way to use of leftover chicken (although we often poach a chicken specifically to use in dishes like this), it's such a healthy dinner and so full of flavour. The black beans create a fantastic background note, as well as naturally thickening the soup, and the spices and lemon give it a great tang. Use a low sodium stock cube if using leftovers and this dish. Chicken, Black Bean and Kale Soup Delicious way to use up leftover chicken that's got just the right level of spice 2 tbsp olive oil4 cloves garlic (crushed and peeled)5 spring onions (roughly chopped)1 bunch coriander (stalks chopped,…

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Golden Bubble and Squeak, Thick Cut Gammon Ham, Poached Eggs and a Parsley and Cheddar Sauce

Bubble and Squeak with Parsley Sauce

Is Bubble and Squeak the ultimate in leftovers food? It should certainly be right up there, and really comes into it's own at Christmas, as it's a great way of using up leftover mash, sprouts and other vegetables. Originally a dish of beef and cabbage, it's morphed over time to suit our needs, so ignore anyone who says that a particular recipe should be followed, or that only certain ingredients work. Feel free to add in cold roast potatoes (the crunch is one of the best bits about this dish), or to use lardons or bacon in the pan to add to the flavour. Great on it's own, this is also the ideal foil to cold leftover meats like ham, turkey or…

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Beautifully Golden Brown Leftover Lamb Shepherds Pie

Leftover Lamb Shepherds Pie

Slow roast lamb, especially at this time of year, is one of life's ultimate pleasures. But to do it right, you often need a large cut, meaning lot's of leftovers. So what's even better is using those up in this leftover lamb Shepherd's pie. Like so many things, it just tastes so much better second time round. The depth of flavour is really out of this world. With this recipe you can dice it, shred it, or mince it if you have the kit, whatever you prefer. The end result will still be something the whole family rushes to the table for. Leftover Shepherds Pie Slow roasted lamb used to create the ultimate in comfort food. Large casserole 600 g leftover roast…

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