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Triple Cooked Chips served with Rib Eye steak, onion rings and tomatoes

Deep Fried Triple Cooked Chips

Who doesn't love a proper deep fried chip? Obviously we all know we need to be careful how often we indulge ourselves, but it really is the perfect side to a special occasion steak, a crispy meat pie, or simply on their own with a sauce for dipping! Deep Fried Triple Cooked Chips The classic deep fried chip, and still the best 4 large potatoes, such as Maris Piper (approx 1kg in weight)sunflower oil (for frying in fryer)beef dripping (optional)salt to season Peel the potatoes, then cut into thick chips. Rinse the chips under cold running water until it runs clear to remove starch.Add the chips to a saucepan of cold water, seasoned with salt, then bring to a gentle simmer. Simmer…

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Christmas Braised Red Cabbage

The humble cabbage is often maligned, but it's been feeding the masses for thousands of years as one of the earliest domesticated crops. Not only is it nutritionally important, it's available all year and is incredibly versatile. Could that be the reason that it features in so many traditional Christmas menus? Right the way from the Nordics down to the Med, in some shape or form you'll find brassicas at the table. This version uses red cabbage, and takes it's inspiration from Norway, where it's traditionally paired with Roast Belly Pork. Easy to cook, sweet and spicy, it feels really luxurious. Christmas Braised Red Cabbage One of our favourite side dishes, great with any roast. 2 tbsp olive oil2 large onion (peeled…

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Easy Fondant Potatoes

Easy Fondant Potatoes

Fondant potatoes are often considered quite fancy, and if you worry too much about tradition then they can be quite hard to master. They are an absolute classic in French cookery, and something you'll see the length and breadth of the country, but they are surprisingly rare on menus this side of the channel, even though they seem to pop up on MasterChef more often than not! It's a really versatile dish, because you can swap around the fats and liquids to suit the star of the dish. Just as incredible with a rich beef stock as they are with a light fish bouillon. Stick to just olive oil for a lighter version... although I'm afraid these are never going to be…

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