Maiale al Latte

There's something rather special about the rustic simplicity of Tuscan food, and nothing exemplifies that better than this classic dish. Very simple, using just a few high quality ingredients, this isn't the prettiest dish you'll ever make, but trust us, it will be one of the most rewarding. Tender, tasty pork and velvety smooth milk curds, brought together with the most sensational sauce. Traditionally made with pork loin, as the trend for breeding leaner meats continues we find this is best made using good quality shoulder. It won't slice in the same way, but it will take the cooking technique better and give the deep rich flavour we're after. Maiale al Latte This traditional central Italian dish may not be the prettiest…

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Meatball Sandwich

The origins of the humble meatball are lost in time, with a myriad of incarnations across the world; From the English Rissole and the Swedish Kottbullar, to the Bun Cha of Vietnam and the Bakso of Indonesia. Everyone it would seem loves a good meatball. But let's face it, no one has done it better than the Italian American immigrants of the 19th century, who first paired it with a fresh tomato sauce, and stuffed it onto Italian rolls with handfuls of tasty cheese. We love them in half like this, so that we can toast the cheese and get that beautiful golden crust. We know that you'll love them just as much. Meatball Sandwich Succulent meatballs, finished with a simple tomato…

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Cheats Porchetta

Love a hog roast? Then you're going to love this Italian classic, which is stuffed full of garlic, herbs and seasoning, and is utterly sublime. This version doesn't quite reach the highs of the Porchetta trucks that you'll find at parks and fetes across Italy, simply because we're not expecting you to roast an entire prepared pig, but it comes a very close second! Cheats Porchetta Traditionally made from the whole pig, this version is a lot easier to pull together, and isn't so big that you'll be eating it for days on end. Roasting Pan with RackButchers String 2 kg Pork Loin (boned. Skin on, or off if preferred keeping a good cap of fat)1 whole Pork Tenderloin (approx 500g)8 cloves…

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Parmesan Chicken

Inspired by an Italian classic, this dish is easy and delicious and full of the tastes of spring. The mixture of breadcrumbs and cheese creates a sublime crunchy coating, keeping the chicken breast moist and tender. It's perfectly balanced with a warm potato and spring vegetable salad. It deserves to be on everyone's menu this spring! Parmesan Chicken large frying panLarge saucepanFlat bottomed bowlLarge bowl x 2 4 large chicken breasts (boneless, skinless)1 large egg125 g panko breadcrumbs125 g parmesan (finely grated)500 g new potatoes (cut in half lengthways)200 g frozen peas200 g baby spinach4 tbsp olive oil1 tbsp white wine vinegarsalt and pepper to season3 tbsp coriander (finely chopped) Crack the egg into the flat bottomed bowl, lightly beat with a…

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Healthy Spaghetti Bolognese

Healthy Spaghetti Bolognese

The dish that we know of as Spaghetti Bolognese is as British as it is Italian, bearing little resemblance to the Ragu Alla Bolognese that is usually served with tagliatelle or used to prepare lasagna. But that by no means detracts from it's significance as culinary icon. Simple and quick to prepare, using cheap and readily available ingredients, it's a long time favourite here in the UK, whether at home or eating out. In this version a few simple adds and swaps turn it into a super healthy supper. Totalling just 450 calories a serving, it also provides nearly 60% of your daily protein requirements and a quarter of your fibre. Healthy Spaghetti Bolognese The classic British Italian dish, just cooked spaghetti…

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Italian Meatballs with Tagliatelle and Tomato and Basil Sauce

As winter starts to bite, it's all to easy to forget just how comforting and warming a bowl of fresh pasta can be. This American Italian classic is loved by children and adults alike and will really hit the spot on cold evenings. Quick and easy to prepare, it really is worth making your own meatballs, which can be done well in advance. Shop bought meatballs tend to be designed for more robust dishes, when what you're really after here are small delicate bites. Using a blend of pork and beef also gives an extra dimension of flavour, with the pork fat adding a delicious creaminess alongside the cheese. Italian Meatballs with Tagliatelle and Tomato and Basil Sauce Italian Pork and Beef…

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