Meatball Sandwich

The origins of the humble meatball are lost in time, with a myriad of incarnations across the world; From the English Rissole and the Swedish Kottbullar, to the Bun Cha of Vietnam and the Bakso of Indonesia. Everyone it would seem loves a good meatball. But let's face it, no one has done it better than the Italian American immigrants of the 19th century, who first paired it with a fresh tomato sauce, and stuffed it onto Italian rolls with handfuls of tasty cheese. We love them in half like this, so that we can toast the cheese and get that beautiful golden crust. We know that you'll love them just as much. Meatball Sandwich Succulent meatballs, finished with a simple tomato…

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Beef, Chickpea and Chorizo Pasta

This is such a good family meal. Full of flavour and packed with goodness, it's something the whole family will enjoy yet can be cooked up in next to no time. The chorizo adds a subtle kick that helps to bring out the best in everything else, bringing all those robust flavours together. Serve with generous helpings of garlic bread and plenty of freshly grated parmesan cheese if you're feeling indulgent. Beef, Bean and Chorizo Pasta Hearty pasta dish that's perfect for midweek when time is short. Absolutely delicious High Sided Saute Panlarge saucepan with lid 300 g Penne Pasta1 tbsp Olive Oil100 g Chorizo (thinly sliced)1 large Onion (peeled and finely chopped)1 clove Garlic (peeled and finely chopped)500 g Rump Steak…

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Low ‘n’ Slow BBQ Brisket

Ladies and gentleman, we give you the pinnacle of Texas BBQ... Low 'n' Slow BBQ Brisket. There's no way to get around it, this is a fiddly dish, that's time consuming and requires you to look after it for a staggering amount of time. Is it worth it? Hell yes it is! If your BBQ is too small, you can always chop the brisket in half, or work with a smaller piece if you prefer, but then you will need to adjust the cooking times accordingly. You're likely looking at around 2-3 hours per kg of meat. You can also cook it in the oven as smaller pieces. You’d need to use an oven thermometer to get the temperature right, but gas…

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Cajun Seasoning

Louisiana is the heart of Cajun cooking, and this great all round seasoning blend is an absolute must for any BBQ. Make it coarse for rubbing into meats before grilling, or whiz it extra fine to use as a great seasoning. You can also blend the fine powder with mayonnaise for a great BBQ dip. As with all spices, store in a dark, cool place. Cajun Seasoning Classic Louisiana seasoning blend. Great to use as a rub, or blended fine to shake onto fries. Blender 10 tbsp paprika4 tbsp onion powder4 tbsp garlic powder4 tbsp dried oregano2 tbsp dried thyme2 tbsp salt flakes2 tbsp cracked white pepper1 tbsp chili flakes1 tbsp cayenne pepper Weigh out all of the ingredients into a bowl.Put…

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Savoury Mince Cobbler

This is one of those dishes that we don't eat that often, but everytime we do, we wonder why on earth we don't have it more often. Tasty, easy to make, cheap and very cheerful, this is a real midweek family treat! Savoury Mince Cobbler An proper retro classic, this recipe will take you right back. Minced meats, onions, vegetables and stock create a wonderful stew, topped with cheesy scones. Easy and economical Large casserole with lid that can be used on the stoveLarge bowlPastry Brush 3 tbsp olive oil2 medium onion (peeled and finely chopped)3 cloves garlic (peeled and finely chopped)450 g minced beef150 g minced pork1 large carrot (peeled and diced)1 large parsnip (peeled and diced)50 g celery (finely sliced)3…

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Another much loved comfort food staple, meatloaf is considered an 'all-American classic' but actually has a much longer history, with versions found in Roman cookery books. Meatloaf in it's present form is very much a northern European dish, but honestly, who cares when it's as good as this. The blend of breadcrumbs, yoghurt and eggs help to keep this version deliciously moist, and the addition of spinach with the honey Dijon really brings out all the meaty flavours. And don't forget, it tastes even better the following day reheated. Meatloaf One of the ultimate comfort dishes elevated to star status. Blended pork and beef, seasoned and flavoured to become a thing of beauty large frying panLarge bowlBaking sheet with rimGreaseproof paper 2…

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Peppercorn Sauce

Easy Peppercorn Sauce

The classic steakhouse sauce. Creamy, full of flavour, and with the wonderful peppery kick. This version is super quick to make, and is ideally made whilst your steaks are resting. Easy Peppercorn Sauce One of the best steak sauces, this is super simple to cook whilst your steaks are resting. 85 ml brandy or cognac1 rich beef stockpot100 ml cold water150 ml double cream30 g unsalted butter3 tsp coarsely crushed/ground black peppercorns If cooking steaks, remove from the frying or saute pan once cooked, and set aside to rest. Deglaze the pan with the brandy, using your wooden spoon or spatula to make sure that you have all the bits off the bottom of the pan. Add in the remaining ingredients, and…

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Haggis and Beef Burger

Like many specialty dishes, haggis suffers from being pigeon-holed as a once a year special. It's such an incredible shame. It doesn't just have to be served boiled or steamed alongside potatoes and swede. It's an incredible versatile ingredient in it's own right, bringing an incredible depth of flavour to some of our favourite dishes. This beef burger doesn't require any additional seasoning, the haggis provides everything, and wow, is it good! Haggis and Beef Burger Scotland's finest, used to add a serious depth of flavour to everyone's favourite. 500 g steak mince907 g haggis4 brioche burger buns8 leaves romaine lettuce (washed)2 large tomatoes (sliced )1 medium onion (white or red, peeled and thinly sliced)4 large dill pickles800 g oven chipsfavourite sauces…

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Teriyaki Sirloin

Teriyaki Steak with Fennel Slaw and Sweet Potato Wedges

So there really is nothing authentic about this dish, but it's Asian influences are there front and centre. Bursting with punchy flavours, low in carbs, high in protein, and a really different take on steak night. We've made our own teriyaki sauce, which can be used as a flavouring in other dishes and certainly reused as a marinade a few times, although there's really nothing wrong with using a shop bought version if time or inclination dictate. And of course you can use any cut of steak, although a thick cut sirloin seems to work really. To keep the fat content even lower, you can trim the steak, but do so after cooking to keep the full flavour. Teriyaki Steak with Fennel…

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Healthy Beef Stroganoff with Rice

Healthy Beef Stroganoff

Beef Stroganoff is a classic Russian dish of sauteed beef in a cream sauce with mustard. Here in the UK this tends to be a very rich cream sauce, although traditionally the dish was always prepared with sour cream. This version stays true to that, but swaps in half fat creme fraiche as a great way to keep the fat and calories down. Served with brown rice it's high in protein and high in fibre, as well as tasting absolutely delicious. I'm certain you're going to love it. Healthy Beef Stroganoff Classic steak and mushrooms in a creamy sauce, but with a healthy twist 1 tbsp olive oil1 large onion (peeled and sliced)1 large clove garlic (crushed, peeled and finely chopped)10 g…

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