Steamed Golden Syrup Sponge

A real taste of childhood, at least here in the UK, the classic steamed pudding is a proper British tradition. It might even be considered a bit retro, but there's nothing out of date with this beauty. Moist sponge, sticky sweet syrup, this is definitely an occasionally treat, and a great way to finish a special Sunday feast. Steamed Golden Syrup Sponge A classic British steamed pud, with lashings of golden syrup and a hint of spice 1.2L or 2 pint pudding basin, with lidGreaseproof paperKitchen FoilCooking TwineBowl and wooden spoon or mixer or electric hand whisklarge saucepan with lidtrivet or saucer 175 g unsalted butter (softened)25 g unsalted butter (for greasing, cold)125 g golden caster sugar125 g golden syrup1 tsp vanilla…

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Steamed steak & kidney pudding with suet pastry, peas, mash and gravy.

Steak and Kidney Pudding

There are few things so glorious on a cold day than a sumptuous, golden, suet pudding, filled with tender steak and kidney and oozing gravy. But there's a reason that its harder and harder to find these days... it takes a lot of effort and care to get it right, something in short supply these days. Well, worry not, the components to this dish are quick to make, and you can do so in advance, with the main cook being in a slow cooker! Steak and Kidney Pudding Tender steak and kidney, braised in it's own juices, encapsulated in a golden suet crust. 1 medium onion (finely chopped)2 tbsp olive oil1.5 kg steak and kidney mix1 bottle real ale500 ml beef stock…

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