Chicken and Chorizo Baked Rice

Really quick to prepare, this take on a South Asian classic is a fantastic dish for midweek, as you can just throw it in the oven to cook itself. Rich and smokey from the paprika and chorizo, the lemon beautifully balances this dish, meaning that this will soon become a family favourite. And it's incredibly cost effective as well! Chicken and Chorizo Baked Rice Great midweek recipe as it's quick to prepare and you can just whack it in the oven whilst you get on with other things. Lovely rich flavours and great for the waistline. Large Casserole with LidGrease proof Paper 1 large Onion (peeled and finely chopped)3 cloves Garlic (peeled and finely chopped)2 whole Sweet Peppers (deseeded and chopped)100 g…

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Maiale al Latte

There's something rather special about the rustic simplicity of Tuscan food, and nothing exemplifies that better than this classic dish. Very simple, using just a few high quality ingredients, this isn't the prettiest dish you'll ever make, but trust us, it will be one of the most rewarding. Tender, tasty pork and velvety smooth milk curds, brought together with the most sensational sauce. Traditionally made with pork loin, as the trend for breeding leaner meats continues we find this is best made using good quality shoulder. It won't slice in the same way, but it will take the cooking technique better and give the deep rich flavour we're after. Maiale al Latte This traditional central Italian dish may not be the prettiest…

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Kung Pao Chicken

A takeaway classic that's really easy to do at home. Not only does this likely use less oil than your local takeaway, the great fresh flavours of this dish are at their best when freshly prepared. The 'velveting' technique of coating with a mixture of cornflour and soy sauce helps to seal in moisture, keeping it moist and tender, and above all adds a lovely sheen and crust. Kung Pao Chicken A healthy take on an all time classic Sichuan dish, using more accessible UK ingredients. Large Wok 500 g Chicken Breast (Cut into 2cm thick slices)70 ml Light Soy Sauce2 tbsp Cornflour70 ml Light Soy Sauce50 ml Cider Vinegar2 tbsp Sugar2 tbsp Brown Sauce2 tbsp Toasted Sesame Oil1 tbsp Tomato Puree3…

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Savoury Mince Cobbler

This is one of those dishes that we don't eat that often, but everytime we do, we wonder why on earth we don't have it more often. Tasty, easy to make, cheap and very cheerful, this is a real midweek family treat! Savoury Mince Cobbler An proper retro classic, this recipe will take you right back. Minced meats, onions, vegetables and stock create a wonderful stew, topped with cheesy scones. Easy and economical Large casserole with lid that can be used on the stoveLarge bowlPastry Brush 3 tbsp olive oil2 medium onion (peeled and finely chopped)3 cloves garlic (peeled and finely chopped)450 g minced beef150 g minced pork1 large carrot (peeled and diced)1 large parsnip (peeled and diced)50 g celery (finely sliced)3…

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Healthy Chicken Cacciatore

Healthy Chicken Cacciatore

Alla cacciatora refers to a meal prepared 'hunter-style', and that's exactly the sentiment that this dish kindles. Onions, garlic, herbs, tomatoes and white wine. It's all there, but surprisingly light in touch and low in calories. The addition of the olives adds a depth of flavour that makes this idea for cold winter evenings. Healthy Chicken Cacciatore Classic Italian hunters stew with chicken breast, a dash of wine and olives. 2 tbsp olive oil3 slices prosciutto (or thin streaky bacon, chopped)1 large onion (peeled and chopped)2 cloves garlic (peeled and chopped)10 leaves sage (finely chopped)2 sprigs rosemary (leaves only, finely chopped)4 large chicken breasts (skinless)200 ml dry white wine400g g tinned plum tomatoes 2 tbsp cherry tomato puree200 g chestnut mushrooms (halved)160…

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Super Tasty Pork Sausage and Pumpkin Risotto

Sausage and Pumpkin Risotto

Risotto is a fantastic midweek dish. Quick and easy to make, minimal preparation, and it's a great chance to use up on the left over veggies rolling around in the drawer. This version uses seasonal pumpkin, but adds a bit of a twist with the pork butchers sausages. But don't let that put you off, this one's an absolute winner. Sausage and Pumpkin Risotto Unctuous and smooth, a super tasty risotto that will taste like you've pulled out all the stops, rather than being the super cheap meal it is. large, heavy bottomed pansmall frying pan 8 butchers sausage2 tbsp olive oil2 small onions (finely chopped)400 g pumpkin (or butternut squash, chopped into 1cm cubes)2 small carrots (peeled, in half length wise,…

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Easy Coq au Vin with Potato and Celeriac Mash

Coq au Vin is the classic French chicken casserole. Rich and deeply flavoured, this version is a little lighter than the original and is super easy to make. What's even better, it's jam packed full of goodness, and because it uses thighs, easy on the pocket as well. And when you're picking up the thighs from us, you'll be able to find everything else you need next door, at Colyford Post Office and General Stores, including some great quality wines, perfect for this dish. Easy Coq au Vin with Potato and Celeriac Mash Easy to cook, quick to prepare and full of goodness, chicken thighs with red wine. Large casserole 1 tbsp olive oil100 g fat smoked bacon (roughly chopped)8 chicken thighs1…

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