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Ultimate Guide to BBQ – Menu Planning

It’s nearly the weekend, the forecast is great, so it’s definitely time to get the BBQ out and gather with friends and family in the garden. But what are you going to cook?

A successful BBQ requires a little planning and preparation. Taking a moment to consider who you’re cooking for, how many, what the conditions might be, and what equipment you’ve got.

It’s important to think not just about what you’re going to cook, but also how you’re going to cook it. Do you need to marinate anything ahead of time? How long will it take to cook? Is it worth considering reverse searing some items?

Reverse searing is an ideal way to manage larger items on the BBQ, where you cook them low and slow, either in your oven or on the BBQ, and then finish them up over a high heat to get that all important sear and crust. We talk about it more in our guide to Cooking the Perfect Steak, which also has lots of other handy tips for cooking steaks, ideal for the outdoor grill.

BBQ of course lives and dies on the quality of the meats.. Something that we at Colyford Butchers know all about. Whilst steaks and chops are BBQ favourites, it’s also a great opportunity to let the traditionally cheaper cuts shine.

Sausages and burgers are great for a quick meal without breaking the bank, and always go down well with children. Plus, we’ve always got plenty of prepared items during the season, such as kebabs, chicken wings and marinated ribs.

The kings of BBQ though are brisket and shoulder of pork. Check out our recipes for our take on some low ‘n’ slow essentials. We’ll be adding more throughout the summer!

You can’t forget the all important sides as well. A small, balanced selection is all you need. We love a crusty loaf or french stick, as you can easily slice them up for burgers and sausages, or even spread them with lashings of garlic butter and throw them on the grill for a few minutes before serving.

You can keep it simple with a nice fresh salad and boiled new potatoes, or really get into the BBQ spirit and serve a mac ‘n’ cheese or pit beans. All of this should be ready to go before you start cooking. Not only will it keep stress to a minimum, it also means that everything’s ready to go the moment your meats are cooked to perfection.

Sauces are your finishing touch. From a rich and smoky homemade BBQ sauce, to the perennial favourites of ketchup, mayo and mustard… everyone’s got their favourites. A quick and easy go to for us is to stir spicy sriracha sauce through mayonnaise. Amazing!

Essential Recipes

BBQ Pit Beans
Hearty, smoky and filling, this is the side to serve at a BBQ. Add your BBQ trimmings, so any barky bits from the pulled pork, or the burnt ends from your brisket, to take it to another level.
Check out this recipe
BBQ Pit Beans
Low ‘n’ Slow BBQ Brisket
The king of Texas BBQ, brisket should be beefy, buttery and full of juice.
Check out this recipe
Low 'n' Slow BBQ Brisket
Chimichurri Sauce
A classic South American sauce, packed full of fresh and zingy flavours, and a great accompaniment to steaks and bbqs
Check out this recipe
Flank steak with sweet potato fries and Chimichurri sauce
Poultry Rub
Another really simple rub, this time great for chicken and other birds. Try it on Chicken Wings!
Check out this recipe
Spicy Chicken Wings
A great all purpose BBQ rub that can be prepared in bulk and stored any sealable container
Check out this recipe
Spice Rub Mix
Carolina Style Mustard Sauce
Another classic BBQ sauce, this is great with all things pork, as well as smoked salmon with scrambled eggs.
Check out this recipe
Carolina Mustard Sauce
Italian Dressing Chicken
Super simple, this is one of the easiest dishes to prepare for the grill, yet somehow one of the tastiest as well.
Check out this recipe
Italian Dressing Chicken
BBQ Pork Belly
This is simply one of the best BBQ dishes ever. Pork belly stays beautifully moist, and takes on all the wonderful flavours of the rub and smoke.
Check out this recipe
Smoked Pork Belly Finished on Grill
Bacon, Apple, and Spelt Salad
Tasty and light, this is a great starter, or even as a midweek lunch
Check out this recipe
Apple, Bacon, and Pearled Spelt Salad
Cajun Seasoning
Classic Louisiana seasoning blend. Great to use as a rub, or blended fine to shake onto fries.
Check out this recipe
Ground Spices
Classic BBQ Sauce
Inspired by the classic deep south style sauces, with a warming chipotle kick
Check out this recipe
Homemade BBQ Sauce
Classic Burger Relish
A classic burger relish, with a secret twist, that really complements any grilled meats
Check out this recipe
Burger with Relish on the side

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